Our Story: Why we hope to adopt

We’d love for you to know about our past and what has led us to the decision to adopt. We were married in July 2010, and not long after decided to start our family. We tried for almost two years, when finally, through fertility treatments found out we were expecting! We couldn’t have been happier. We were in the process of buying a new home, and already had the nursery planned out, we could not wait. At 24 weeks along, Jennifer started having complications and ended up at the hospital. Six days later our precious little son, Jaxtyn, was born. He was 11 inches long and weighed one pound. Everything about his body was perfect, even the nurses said how perfect he was. Everything seemed to be fine, and he held on for almost two days, but when his little body just couldn’t take anymore and as we got to hold him for the first and last time, he passed quietly back into heaven. It’s been a long, hard road since that day and we have learned from doctors that it is very risky for us to try on our own again. Maybe someday in the future we will be able to, but not for a long while.

We wanted to share our story with you for a couple of reasons. One is so you know we understand loss. We want you to know that what you are doing for your child is the most admirable, courageous act of love a person could do for another person. Leaving the hospital with empty arms is not going to be easy (as we sit here in tears writing this because we know the feeling all too well), but we hope that knowing your baby will go to a home such as ours who will love him/her unconditionally and knowing how much we will cherish your little baby will easy that pain a little. Another reason we share our story with you is so you understand why we want to adopt. We want more than anything to fill that void that is there, and are so anxious to start doing all the things with children that we’ve always looked forward to doing.

Our Angel Baby
Us with Jaxtyn

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