Meet Snickers

Snickers is our adorable dog. She is a mini-Australian Shepherd/Springer Spaniel mix. She is small, so everyone thinks she is still a puppy, but she is over a year old now! She is quirky and hilarious and always doing something that makes us laugh. She absolutely LOVES kids and other dogs.  Jennifer’s sister loves it when we bring her over to play with her three year old and one year old, they both adore her. Her one year old calls her “pup-pup”. We named her Snickers because we got her on Halloween.
Throw it again..I'm ready!! Pleeeeeeeeeeease!

She is a water dog!

Snickers on her first boat ride.
She LOVES the snow! What a happy dog. 


  1. I am in my sunset years but really thought your post was special. I wish I could be of some help. I am not particulary a people person; but you both will be great parents and are a great family. Best wishes

    1. Thank you so much, that is very sweet of you to say!