Meet Evan

Evan is a mechanical engineer and he loves his job. He has been there since 2012 and has done a fantastic job at whatever he is asked to do! He is a hard worker and just recently was awarded “employee of the month” (I, Jennifer, am writing this paragraph and I can brag about him a little :). He loves the outdoors, especially when he has his camera with him. He goes a little crazy with the camera sometimes, but we always end up with some pretty awesome pictures. He will be such a great dad because I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone with so much patience and compassion as he has. About three months after our baby passed away, we got a puppy. He has NEVER liked dogs so this was a big deal, but he did it for me because I think he knew I needed something to love and care for, something that depended on me. Let’s just say he’s a dog person now; I think he loves that dog more than I do (But, he would deny it that he likes dogs if you asked him, it’s a running joke we tease him about)! I can’t wait to see him play with our children and take them camping. He has worked at scout camps and loves to be involved in those fun outdoor activities.

Evan backpacking with family
Evan on one of our trips to Florida

He loves airplanes, always has, always will
He LOVES it when our Jeep is muddy...
This was our first mud of the trip...hence the
HUGE smile. 

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