All About Us

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Welcome to our lives! We hope you enjoy reading about us and find some things interesting. We have been married since July 2010 and can't wait to bring a child or children into our lives. We have lived in 3 different states and have moved 6 times, but finally decided it was time to settle down in 2013 when we bought a cute 1-story house on a quiet little cul-de-sac. We love our fenced in corner lot, it's perfect for our dog, Snickers, and our future kiddos to play in.
We love adventure! We love road trips, traveling, and doing things outside the house and in nature. Below are a few pictures of some of our favorite things we've done. Evan is a mechanical engineer, and Jennifer is a certified elementary school teacher. We enjoy family get-togethers and spending time with extended family and grandparents. We have regular family reunions on both sides of the family as well, so just know that your sweet little baby will be surrounded by love ALL THE TIME. We are excited to be on this road to finding a sweet baby to bring into our lives, and consider it an adventure because wherever it takes us, we can't wait to get there, and we can't wait for the people and experiences it will bring into our lives in the process.

We love to bring our dog with us
whenever we can. She loves to get
outand have fun as much as we do!
We always look for new things to
try out...this time we rented a
tandem bike and biked all
day around a park in Canada.
We have many family get-togethers,
especially around the holidays.
Evan's side of the family has
a Halloween party every year. 
We spend a lot of time
outdoors, hiking and

Family picture at a reunion on
Jennifer's side of the family.

Whether visiting Oregon, Florida,
or anywhere in between,
the beach is one of our favorite
places  to visit.
Trying out our new snowshoes!


  1. I will pray for your success in bringing a new, special soul into your world.
    May God's love shine on all your future endeavors.
    Been a surrogate "Grandma" for about five years now. Wouldn't trade it!
    Being an important love in a child's life is so rewarding!

  2. Keep your head up. Your dream just might come true soon. ;)

    1. Thanks, we appreciate encouraging words!